Equipment Upgrade For Local Parks And Wildlife Services

Local parks and wildlife services are currently in the process of upgrading their equipment to the benefit of visitors and the parks in general. The upgrade will ensure officials will be able to maintain parks properly, including a new range of the best zero turn mowers. This comes after record attendance has been recorded in some parks for 2016. The move to upgrade park equipment followed a call from former Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell to preserve national parks for future generations.

Need To Preserve Parks

Last year, the former interior secretary toured the Glacier National Park on the 100th anniversary of the National Parks Service. During the tour, she asked how these resources can be preserved for future generations to fulfill an obligation made 100 years ago. The appeal of Jewell is not only true to national parks but to local parks as well.

In order to preserve and maintain these parks, authorities have started to upgrade their equipment. Some parks are already in the process of taking bids for the equipment they will use. The budget for the equipment is already in place. While many local services already have the funding they need for the upgrade, a number are still working on getting funding for the equipment they need. The equipment wish list of some  of these services include brush cutters, chain saws, utility vehicles, portable water pumps and zero turn mowers.

Zero Turn Mowers

Zero turn mowers cut grass more efficiently compared to regular lawn tractors.

  • They are extremely maneuverable and can reduce cutting time by up to half since they can turn 180 degrees. The 180-degree turn allows zero turn mowers to cleanly cut a mow row. Due to this, they do not have to back up over areas that were already cut. *
  • Typical zero turn mowers can cut grass at speeds of five to eight miles per hour while commercial models can cut at speeds reaching 13 mph.
  • These types of mowers also produce the “striping” look that is normally done by professionals.

Regular Lawn Tractors

In comparison, regular lawn tractors have a wide turning radius that can result to uncut areas of grass. Due to this, it would be necessary to drive over areas that were already cut, which is an inefficient way of cutting grass. This will add to the time needed to complete the work.

Zero turn mowers are classified as light duty self-propelled motor equipment that does not require a Rollover Protective Structure (RPS). They are primarily designed for use off the highway.

The upgrade program of local parks and wildlife services are expected to contribute to the preservation and maintenance of national and local parks all over the United States. Even as the authorities are tasked in the acquisition of the equipment, some local conservancy organizations are helping local parks by accepting donations of the equipment needed by the parks.

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