Grand Opening of JS Recliners

Had a long day at work? You ought to spend a totally stress-free night at home with a quality and comfortable recliner. Fortunately, a recliner store just opened within the city bounds which makes your future recliner just a ride away.

JS Recliners store is jam-packed with recliners of the best brand and highest quality. Each recliner is ensured to be durable, comfortable, and ergonomically-designed. To top it off, this store provides varying types of recliners such as the following:


The back of the chair can be moved with only minimal efforts. You don’t need to set up the footrest just to have the back move. Moreover, this chair is one of the most affordable types of recliners.


This type of recliner only has its back in either upright or fully reclined position. Its footrest can only be put up by using the lever to recline the back. Moreover, this requires a lot of space since you can only have your footrest if you have the back pushed rearward.


Only the back part of the chair moves, and there is no footrest included. Hence, this is the ideal recliner for limited spaces.


This type of chair does not only recline but also lift its users for an easier way of getting out of the chair. Despite being the most expensive recliner, it is the most versatile and well recommended for users with physical disabilities.

Not only limited to recliners, this great new store offers sofas, tables, and other related accessories. If you want to know more about this shop, it is best to pay it a visit.

Its grand opening party is just a few days away. With surprises, giveaways, and discounts, it’s bound to give the best deal to all first customers.

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