Englewood Cliffs Observer reports latest news with wit and no bias. Updates on topics like real estate, culture, politics, education, etc. are all tackled in Englewood Cliffs. This local news and publishing company is known to have strong roots in New Jersey.

As one of the most popular publishers Englewood Cliffs Observer coves lots of weekly newspapers, websites, and niche magazines and doesn’t hesitate to serve the hottest news from the region.

The History

The company goes back to 2000 when Matt Jackson decided to build a team of writers and reporters. Inspired by the special and diverse needs of their audience, he strived to provide locals with updates on things they personally find interesting. Thus, Englewood Cliffs Observer addresses each individual’s needs.

Until now, it’s still fulfilling its goal to give reliable local news. As a matter of fact, Englewood Cliffs Observer is hailed as one of the most honored daily news websites in New Jersey, winning consistently impressive awards. Moreover, it has also been recognized by different organizations and institutions due to excellent service to the community. More than that, its unparalleled and in-depth analysis of national and local issues is considered one of the best here and abroad.

What They Do

Englewood Cliffs Observer  is the premier website in regards to the most comprehensive local and breaking news, professional and school sports coverage as well as entertainment trivia. It also gives updates right from the latest fashion trends and web-exclusive videos to town forums and help articles. They always conduct extensive research regarding the newest trends, so that they would be able to keep abreast with the ever-changing society. Lastly, their authoritative and experienced voices give helpful commentary and reviews on different sectors of the community.

Why Choose Englewood Cliffs Observer

If you’re looking for quality news, then Englewood Cliffs Observer can give them to you. Their devotion toward delivering news and information leads them on what they have attained right now. As a result, this site has become a hub for everyone visiting or living in New Jersey and surrounding areas. Its huge number of followers put it on the top spot of the most commendable local website.

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